Why Styling? - Be Property Proud
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It’s a numbers game, Simple.

Buyers are doing online research before visiting open homes and auctions. They shortlist the properties that look attractive, suit their budget and in their preferred suburbs.

If the property isn’t looking attractive enough, not only there will be less buyers, the offers will be lower than listed price and will attract a lot of negotiation.

On the other hand, if buyers fall in love with the property because they can see an attractive lifestyle, then more buyers are interested to make an offer and the property will sell for much higher price than what it could be settled for otherwise.

Now the numbers! To make your property look attractive to the potential buyers, investing into styling is a smart choice. Yes its an investment, not an expenditure. Money makes more money, so why not get the maximum profit?

Property styling or home staging:

  • Makes online photos look beautiful & attractive
  • Gets noticed and remembered!
  • Gets more buyers to open homes
  • Emotionally connects the buyers to the property
  • Attract higher offers when compared to the similar properties in the area
  • Sells faster than the other properties in the area
  • Gives buyers ideas about how to use the space if they buy the property

So get connected to the potential buyers better by investing into styling and get the maximum profit out of your sale. Ready?